November 5, 2015 Britney Paige

Hilary + Sam’s Billings Depot Wedding – Trailer

Guys. I am beyond thrilled this is FINALLY ready for eyes. My sweet friend Hilary married her dream man a couple of months ago, and not only did I get to film their beautiful union, I got to hang out with Hil the entire day. I got to witness as she transformed into THE most beautiful bride with so much grace and poise.

When I film the wedding of a dear friend, it encompasses all the best and worst parts of me. My creativity, passion and ambition kick into full force and I pour all of my energy into telling their story. It also brings a downpour of worry, anxiety and need for perfection. I’m naturally a perfectionist, but when it comes to filming for special people in my life, I dwell numerous amounts of time on what even is perfection and what are the outrageous lengths I’m willing to take to achieve it? This drives me crazy. Special deserves perfection, but perfection isn’t perfectly achieved. And around we go…


But, alas. It is here. In all of it’s glory. Glory I hope holds up to the beauty of the day and it’s gorgeous bride.

The starting point of all my films is finding the story. When shooting weddings, you don’t get to be the writer and most of the time, you have no say in who writes the story or what they write about. It’s both the beauty and struggle of filming a wedding day. Never the less, the story is always there, it just needs to be found.

Sometimes it comes in unforgettable letters written between the bride and the groom. Other times, it’s a maid of honor or best man speech. Then, every once and a while, you come across an epic father of the bride speech.

And that is where this story lies.

My emotions ran killer high while editing this one… If you’re anything like me, get ready for a tear jerker. I now encourage you to stop reading and watch.

Immerse in the story of Hilary becoming the bride. It’s a beauty.

FILMMAKERS: Taylor Haidle  Britney Higgs  Sammy Higgs

VENUE: The Billings Depot

EVENT PLANNING & DESIGN: Better To Gather Events

BRIDAL GOWN: Belle en Blanc

GROOM’S ATTIRE: Mens Wearhouse

WEDDING CAKE: Velvet Cupcake

FLORAL: Kirkham and Co

CATERING: Montana Jacks

PHOTOGRAPHY: Finch Photography

MAKEUP: Ashley Dunkelberger

HAIR: Tawnee Lee


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